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Embracing the cultural and financial values of Malatya, which is the precious city of the upper Euphrates region dating back to Hittite period, by harmonising them with our own values, Besta Construction continues its long years of experience with various pioneering projects in Construction, which is the rising sector of today’s Turkey. In this context, Besta Construction’s corporate vision is ‘ to serve its clients beyond their expectations by advancing its service concept day by day with the projects that are important in the development of the country’s economy in the construction sector and to present architectural traces of the effective, realist, applicable solutions in a human-centred way in every new project. Our company adds traditional, modern, rationalist and permanent values to the Turkish architecture.


We see every project we start to construct as a new knot in the texture of the city and every living space we make for people as a part in that picture of happiness. Having accomplished combining its modern construction concept with traditional values ‘Besta Construction’ prioritise how the architectural details affect the whole work, the effective use of technology is an essential element for sustainable living spaces and the importance of protecting the environment in all its projects for a long time.


The company tries to form buildings that highlight all the cultural, historical and environmental factors of the city in their projects. These efforts of ‘Besta Construction’, have successfully made the company take its place among the leading establishments in its region. Besta Construction provides employment and economic acceleration in terms of the sector therefore it became the shining star of its region.


From now on Besta Construction has started to operate not only in Malatya but also in various regions of Turkey. Therefore the company improved and expedited its work to take its right place in the Construction sector, which is an expanding sector of Turkey. In this context, it started to work on the construction of the Şehr-i Ala residences project in Antalya, which is still in the design stage.


Who is Yaşar Köksal?

Yaşar KÖKSAL, Besta Construction’s founder, makes you feel his extensive knowledge and experience in every area of operation. Mr. Köksal was born in Malatya in 1966, completed his education at the Faculty of Architecture in Yıldız Technical University and Business Administration in Istanbul University. He is married and has got four children. He put his signature on many architectural and contracting works. During his duty as the deputy mayor in Malatya, Architect Yaşar Köksal constructed works, which are still considered as the favourite places of Malatya today.

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